Mobile App Development Process as A Timeline

Creating a timeline for your mobile application development plan is essential for the project. By the help of the timeline, it will be easier for you to estimate your state of affairs during the development process.


Planning Stage (2-3 Weeks)

This stage is an essential key for the success of the project because it gives realistic estimations and expectations about the budget and roadmap. Also, the plan should involve sprints (an important element in the software development life cycle) that includes an explanation of the deliverables.

Business Analysis (2-3 Weeks)

In this stage, developers and business experts will get together and search for the best solution for about 2 weeks. In this collaboration, they will look for the features and this features’ scope of app to display it on the launch.

Design and Pre-Development Stage (5 – 7 weeks)

In the designing process, developers will start with UX design and after completing the UX stage, they will start to create the UI part. UX designers are working on the way the application works for the users, UI designers are working on the way it looks to them.

  • UX Design (2 – 3 Weeks)

UX design includes user interface features, screens, and buttons based on a simplistic and clear view. With the UX design, developers and business experts will be able to see a specific summary of the upcoming applications. 

  • UI Design (3 – 4 Weeks)

The design of the interface of a communication and interaction point interface should be exceptional and attractive. Due to this, designing discipline has to be well thinked over it.  

Smooth operation of the interface is one of the cornerstones of customer satisfaction provided for the application.

  • Development Stage (8-10 Weeks)

In this stage, the developer team should consider that now long does it take to code an app. Also, to shorten the timeline of development, the team should test all processes. 

  • Back-end Development (6-8 Weeks)

Back-end development requires working with the application server and database. All data for such service applications are stored on the backend server. Each time users launch the application, data is dynamically collected from the backend service and processed on the mobile phone screen organized by the application installed on the phone. 

  • Front-end Development (6 – 8 Weeks)

The development team can start focusing on the front-end part of the product, and the mobile app itself, when the server is in development and the structure of the database is ready. It will be organizing the data from the back-end server. The front-end developers commonly manage the tasks to create different versions for the App Store and Google Play. 

  • Testing (2 Weeks)

Developers will work on the bugs and failures on the release version of the app in the testing weeks.

  • Finalization and Launch (1 Week)

The final preparation process is an important stage to complete the details, fix the last bugs and release the app on the App Store and Google Play. Launching itself is a very complex process that can take time. Sometimes, even trusted companies fail to enter the App Store and Google Play due to various reasons or for simple errors. There’s always a chance that a human moderator or automatic moderation tool will find something about the app that doesn’t follow the rules.

  • Post-Launch Support and Maintenance Stage (2 Weeks)

The development team has to follow the performance for about 2 weeks to make sure it works properly. Meticulous maintenance is really effective for app performance and effectiveness. During this last stage, the development team should be ready for hardworking days due to being ready for the urgent changes or fixes.