Innovation can be exciting for some, while intimidating for others. Since the reality of the pandemic has entered our lives, the world has been in constant change from economy to education, from business to social life. However, if this change remains only as adaptation, it can lead to major problems for companies and individuals. With hybrid work models, we spend more and more time in our homes, which also increases the tendency to receive many services from where we sit. We try to meet our needs in the fastest and most effortless way. Almost every day, we meet with many new formations that have turned solutions to our problems into a service for us.

“Innovation doesn’t happen overnight”

Cool Digital, which has a wide corporate network in the software sector and brings the spin-off projects of corporate companies to life, has been offering Innovation as a Service to its corporate customers for over 10 years. Within the scope of this service, unlike a traditional software company, it works hand in hand with the company to determine the root cause of the problems that disrupt the company’s processes. It gets to know the company closely and listens carefully to the problem to be solved, and here it combines its corporate experience with its future predictions to offer an end-to-end solution.

Cool Digital CEO Ercan Gümüş explains the service they provide as follows: “Companies that anticipate future problems and invest in the future take the lead in overcoming difficult times. We also hear in many places about producing new ideas by looking at things from different angles as “innovation”. In its general definition, innovation is explained as a never-ending process of innovation triggered by the human search for a better world. But innovation doesn’t happen overnight. We pave the way for companies that produce innovative solutions.”

“Transforming into business models, not only products”

The Cool team comes together with the innovation teams of corporate companies and completes the missing pieces of the puzzle. The company, which continues to develop projects with international companies such as Henkel GmbH, Arçelik Global and Maxitech, has received 20 awards in the last 2 years. It has also been selected as the Best Software Company in Turkey by the independent evaluation company Clutch for the last 4 years in a row.


Cool Digital transforms projects into business models that can generate income with the right team and the right investments, regardless of the stage of the requested project. As can be understood from the example, a team that set out to receive only a software service can go in a completely different direction with a bright idea. Cool Digital here approaches the projects both as an internal developer and an external investor. As defined by its customers, “They ask the unasked questions and look at things from different angles.”


Cool’s next goal is to introduce the end-to-end service they provide to new markets and at the same time to establish their own innovation team. You can reach the team via [email protected] for more information about our services and projects.