Anyone who writes a blog or read blog as a hobby has heard of WordPress. Since almost all the websites we use and enter to do research are built with WordPress, its name is quite common. Ghost is a content management system that attracts the attention of marketers, which not everyone uses or is aware of yet.


Are there any pretty big differences between the two? Which one is better to use? The answer to your questions is on this blog!


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a platform mainly used to manage content and create websites. It was founded in 2003 by Matthew Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is an open platform written in the PHP programming language. It allows to modify the code to create resources or plugins to be used on WordPress websites. The main reasons why it is highly preferred is that it is versatile and convenient in terms of creating differences.


There are two different versions of WordPress. It’s in the self-hosting version and you get the source code from a company or you can download it from Of course, in order to change the source code, you must first know the programming language.


When you use, you can position your website on the WordPress platform. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to change the source code here. You can use WordPress for free or paid, and you can easily choose the themes suitable for your business. The advantage of WordPress is that you can open your blog or website without coding.


What is Ghost?

The Ghost platform was created in 2013. Ghost is an open source platform like WordPress, but it is only aimed at journalists and writers who want to blog. There are two versions of Ghost like WordPress and it has almost the same functions. Ghost complains about WordPress’s complexity and creates such a platform. Ghost’s design capability is faster and tools such as SEO are more advanced. It also has many features to make your website stand out. Ghost’s interface is simpler and more minimalist than WordPress.


What are the Differences Between WordPress and Ghost?


Why should you choose which one on these two similar platforms? Now let’s come to the answer to this question.

Structure: While Ghost uses Node.js in structure language, WordPress uses PHP programming language. Using Node.js gives you great convenience.

SEO compatibility: While you need to install more than one plugin in WordPress to make your blog or website compatible with SEO, Ghost makes your content SEO compatible with the built-in SEO feature without any plugins.

Editor: It uses an editor called WYSIWYG, which allows WordPress editors to enter their content directly. It offers ease of use for anyone unfamiliar with HTML or CSS coding. Ghost uses markdown technology. This technology is very difficult for someone without coding knowledge.

Pricing: If you want to open a blog as a hobby, you can easily use both platforms. If you are going to use it for journalism, advertising or any other business, you should pay attention to pricing on both platforms. Ghost starts at $ 29 a month and offers a number of different features, but WordPress is more convenient. WordPress starts at $ 4 per month, offering different subscription packages depending on your business. It might make more sense to invest in Ghost, which has more different features.



Your decision to use Ghost or WordPress depends only on your current situation. It depends on how you want a website or blog or your business goals. If you only want to blog and become popular, we recommend you to use Ghost, if you want to become a prominent website that attracts customers, we recommend using WordPress. It is useful to keep in mind that Ghost, which directs new technologies, has become the favorite of marketers and software developers in general.


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