Custom software development is the process of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software for specific businesses, functions, and users. Unlike software products, developing custom software for a particular organization focuses on defined requirements.

Despite its diverse range, the software market often fails to meet all the demands of modern software management and business processes. Custom software development offers businesses demands unique features for their applications. That’s why organizations are turning to proprietary software as “off-the-shelf” software becomes more and more limited. Customized solutions will not only give them better features but also access to necessary customizations and upgrades that no other mass-produced product can offer. In addition, in custom software development projects, their unique needs are met with unlimited customization and case-specific developments.

So as a project house, which needs we did cater for 2022?

We have undertaken multiple successful projects, both large and medium-sized. 

GarajPro, a web and mobile-based application. GarajPro is a web & mobile communication and loyalty platform for Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Professionals of Henkel. Built for partners, garages, and Henkel Sales Team; GarajPro consists of professional training, sales, and reward tracking tools, special campaigns, live communication tools, and a loyalty module. The app is launched in 15 languages and will be used by Henkel shareholders around 18 countries of EEIMEA Region.

Entrapeer, is a web-only match-making platform between enterprises and startups. It aims to make innovation more seamless by extracting use cases from startups’ past projects and other data. Backed by detailed research and real feedback, the game-changing approach of Entrapeer makes innovation more accessible for enterprises by helping them to connect with the right B2B startups. The application is a spin-off project from the Corporate Innovation team of Maxitech, which is the USA branch of the oldest Turkish Bank, IsBank.

We made a healthcare platform for medical tourists. With this application built for one of the largest healthcare provider groups in Turkey, patients will be able to communicate directly with the relevant doctors and health institutions in the location they choose and in the section where the doctors in the branch are listed.

We developed a B2B sustainability awareness and training application for one of the largest holdings of Turkey. The application enables enterprises to train their employees in the field of sustainability. With the carbon footprint questionnaire integrated into the application, users are informed about the effects of their own carbon consumption on the environment and are encouraged to take actions that can reduce their consumption. The app offers a wide range of educational content on reducing carbon footprint, sustainable living, supporting global projects accredited to the carbon market, and raising awareness of individuals on climate change. We are proud to be a part of change in the sustainable movement. 

In addition, patients who want to receive home care services will be able to view and contact doctors in the relevant branches at the location they choose. Users will be able to make appointments, get medical help and be reminded of their medicine. 

11Sight’ta, is a web-based video calling platform designed to generate customer and business interactions. Enterprises rely on 11Sight as a service provider for instant interaction with customers. Cool Digital is a partner of 11Sight since 6 years, and this year we continued to delight customers with the smooth digital interaction we provide.

With all these success stories brought to life, we maintain our place at the TechBehemoths 2022 Awards as one of Turkey’s Best Custom Software Development Companies. We are pleased to share with you, our stakeholders, that we have maintained our place on the top rankings and we are working for the better every day! 

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