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We share so much information on digital platforms that we cannot handle. Governments make regulations to protect our personal data such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (USA, CA) and KVKK (Turkey). Especially on websites, a lot of personal data is stored and transmitted. These small data packs are called cookies and they need to be handled properly. Misuse of cookie data can cause serious legal problems and penal sanctions.


Efilli is a consent management platform that enables website owners to collect and manage cookies in compliance with privacy regulations. You can track the number of users that accept your cookies, choosing between platforms. All servers are placed in Turkey so it’s %100 secure for Turkish and global users. Efilli touches 4 Million people daily and helps them protect cookie information on the most-loved websites.


The highest return on investment thanks to the best performing robo-advisor.

Regardless of your initial investment, Magnus helps everyday people to overcome the complexity of financial world. It creates a portfolio according to your goals and expectations, manages your portfolio by evaluating the performance of each asset on a daily basis and gives you the best advices.

Magnus is capable of making automatized alteration in your portfolio if you give the authorization. This is how you can get one step further than your rivals and earn more money.

If you want to take advices from the best performing robo-advisor, don’t spend any more time and get in contact now!

Eliminate the problem of proximity and get in touch with your customers without any requirements. Just add a button to your website and let them call you. 

11Sight requires nothing from your customers and allow them to click on a button on your website and start a face to face call with your representative. No registration or no application or plug-in download needed. Quick and simple.

As firm, you can optimize your 11Sight experience by setting button activity hours, analyze call statistics and review the call replays to increase your service quality.

11Sight and Fiat started to work together. After this decision customers started to reach the showrooms out from their houses. This featured saved time and money to both customers and Fiat itself. On the other hand, 11Sight helped Fiat to double its sales.

To learn more about how you can increase your customer relationship service quality and bring human touch back into your digital channels, visit 11Sight.


Easily manage your bookings with automated mail flows. Coolendar helps to view all meetings in all your integrated accounts and manage your availability from a single source.

With Coolendar, a widget you add to your website or your personal profile link you share, your customers quickly request a booking from you or your brand.

Teams manage their meetings and bookings quickly with the organization and team structure of Coolendar. As an organization, optimize the meetings your potential customers request from you by adjusting the availability of your departments.

Visit Coolendar to learn more about how to effectively use your calendar management while improving your customer service quality.