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World’s Largest Use Case Database

Entrapeer is a web-only match-making platform between enterprises and startups, built for Maxitech Corporate Innovation Team.

All use cases within Entrapeer are created by AI and automatically pushed in the system. The team now working 3X more efficiently by having more time for customers.

Entrapeer uses OpenAI since the very beginning to its life. The advancements in ChatGPT has opened a new path. With GPT-4 the speed of content creation increased by 5X.

bip hadi mobile app cool digital


Loyalty Platform for 18 Countries

Web & mobile communication and loyalty platform for Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Professionals of Henkel. GarajPro consists of professional training, sales and reward tracking tools, special campaigns, live communication tools and a loyalty module.

The app is launched in 15 languages and will be used by Henkel shareholders around 18 countries of EEIMEA Region.

From corporate identity and UI/UX Design, to the development of web and mobile applications, Henkel chose Cool Digital Solutions.

bip hadi mobile app cool digital

Supply Bridge

Service Platform for Automotive Industry

Supply Bridge is an extensive supplier database for automotive parts industry. It builds the “bridge” between suppliers and
buyers all over the world. Enabling purchase departments to request quotations in minutes, Supply Bridge
decreases the time for quotation by 10X!

Supply Bridge has 70K+ suppliers in their database, and it’s still counting thanks to their AI-backed research agent.

bip hadi mobile app cool digital


AI Agent for Customer Engagement

Visr is an AI agent that joins online meetings and generates insights of the meeting on behalf of the participants. It can create automatic emails and suggest the most valuable content generated by Deloitte globally. The AI agent decreases wrap-up time after meetings by 80%, thanks to auto-generated notes and automated e-mails.
The application is launching in 10+ countries at the same time.
Deloitte employees have their own scheduling links to enable their customers create meeting agendas by choosing topics to talk about. The meetings are held on Visr web application and notes are created automatically.

bip hadi mobile app cool digital

Bip! Hadi Trivia

Mobile App

Hadi is a knowledge contest placed within the Turkish messaging app “Bip!”, owned by Turkcell, one of the largest GSM operators of the country.

It allows users to answer questions and get free internet usage in return.  Users can purchase jokers for small fees and continue playing if they give a wrong answer. A payment system is integrated into the game.

Cool Digital’s developer team has worked on the back-end to enhance the game’s performance and integrate new types of jokers. The game reached 2M users only in 3 months.

Kurumsal TV

Web Project

Live streaming of business events for closed groups that gives the chance to keep them safe in one place. Kurumsal TV provides uninterrupted live streaming of special events such as conferences, panels, press briefings etc.



E-Commerce Website

An online shopping website that sells products to a whole peninsula.

MoodVIP sells accessories and clothes to Arabian peninsula from its website. With a product count over 9000 thousand, the website traffic and shopping experience of its customers never drops.

The website designed and developed by Cool Digital Solutions set the company free from technical workload. Therefore focusing on marketing and customer support, MoodVIP had broken its sales records over and over.

If you, as well, have some products and want to sell them online, let us know. We will help you whole the way through.


E-Commerce Website

Feel the luxury from the quality of the product. 

Gallico is one of the most luxurious leather jacket producers of Turkey. The firm send its products to everywhere on the world and gets higher appreciations from its customers.

Cool Digital Solutions designed and developed its website to give Gallico one more platform to reach more people and have more satisfied customers.


Startup Ecosystem

Fund your dream project, get your ground-breaking project funded!

Startup Fon is where investors and entrepreneurs get together, work collectively and grow together. As an investor select the best projects among thousands of business ideas and help them flourish. That means you will also gain more return. As a entrepreneur tell your story and make your elevator pitch on your profile, attract more investors, chance the future.

As Turkey’s first crowd funding platform, Startup Fon lies down at the beginning of their journey as the ground stone.

UI/UX designs, customer journey optimizations and third party integrations of Startup Fon had been made by Cool Digital Solutions.


iOS App

Take the best care of your flock with the help of the latest technology. Sürüm is all you need.

Sürüm, Turkey’s first mobile flock management application, helps farmers to closely follow the data related with their animals. From the birth of an animal, don’t miss any vital information about their health situations, eating habits, birth time and vaccination calendar.

Easily find the best provender with competitive prices from your application. Get in touch with your veterinarian with one click, be sure that your animals take the best care.

Cool Digital Solutions created unique UI/UX designs for Sürüm application and developed entire application with its different modules.

Üsküdar University

iOS App

Everything you need as a student is in your pocket!

It is the 21st century and enough of using tones of papers for bureaucratic processes. Üsküdar University mobile application gives its students and academic staff an easy way to deal with this workload.

From course selection to seeing exam result, there is almost nothing that students can’t do via the application.

Cool Digital Solutions created unique UI/UX designs for Üsküdar University mobile application and developed entire application with its different modules.

House of Ekria


House of Ekria is a hub for creative people to bring them together and help them develop new perspectives and promote creativity.

Cool Digital Solutions designed and developed its website. Having many users and different events on the website made the process delicate and complicated. But thanks to our experience, Cool Digital Solutions transferred whole system into the newly developed system without any problem.

To learn more about how you can increase the overall quality of your customer journey, simply get in contact with us.

Social Platform (Web)

Get advices from your most trusted. is a social platform that promotes the word of mouth between users and their network. Users can share their experiences about almost anything and benefit from the advices shared by their trusted contacts.

Cool Digital Solutions developed highly complex systems for and make the platform bug-free. These efforts made the user-journey excellent.

To have your start-up idea started and to get it live contact with us.



Syntonim is an artificial intelligence based anonymization system that focuses on the anonymization of the personal data on video contents.

Cool Digital Solutions helped Syntonim with its early stage decisions and with the development of its website. 

Understanding the core values of the firm and emphasizing them with the at most clarity was what we, as Cool Digital Solutions, have achieved.

To work with professionals who are experts on their jobs and get your most complicated ideas explained simply on your amazing looking website, contact with us.

Girişim Merkezi


Girişim Merkezi is one of the top organizations that helps entrepreneurs and start-up to become successful firms.

As Cool Digital Solutions we are proud of working with such an organization and developing their website.

If your company needs a new and better looking and performing website, give us a call.

Yaşar Integrated Marketing Solutions

iOS App

Yaşar Group is one of the biggest companies in Turkey. As Cool Digital Solutions, we had developed its branch and inventory management application.

The need had evaluated and a tailor-made application developed for the company. Branches use the application to place order to manage their inventory. By developing such an application, Cool Digital Solutions eliminated a considerable amount of work and saved precious time to the company.

Your efficiency is something we pursue. Let us hear your workflow and develop your own tailor-made application to boost your efficiency.


iOS App

Simu is Turkey’s first intra-company communication platform and it is completely developed by Cool Digital Solutions.

After seeing the need for such an application, Cool Digital Solutions took the responsibility and developed the application. This application used by many firms and still contributing to many more.

If you realized an opening or caught an important need, let us develop the solution for that together.


iOS App

Routle is a local guide and travel route finding application for tourists who are planning to visit Turkey.

 Cool Digital Solutions created a new system that allowed indigenous people to be a local tourist guides. This cost-efficient approach gave people to create an alternative source of income and tourists to experience the culture by visiting the missed places with people from there.

A pathbreaking application is what we are enthusiastically look for. And we develop it with our full creative capacity to maximize the benefit.

Tek Hedef YDS

Web Sitesi

English is the lingua franca and someone who wants to master it has to put some effort into it test herself continuously.

Tek Hedef YDS is the platform for people to practice their knowledge continuously with questions of previous years’ language exams and see the topics where they made mistakes and need to improve themselves.

Your idea might seem so easy and in vain. But remember, the best ideas are the simplest ones. Just do not lose more time on thinking and begin.


iOS App

 The future will be here soon. Set your goals and promises, leave a message to yourselves and to your loved ones.

 Cool Digital Solutions developed the Android application for Voon. The application records videos and stores them until their time come. This complex calculating process made people able to use this digital time capsule.

Leave your regular thoughts behind and think different.


iOS App

The life is so vivid and full of interesting encounters. Stop missing out and live the to the fullest.

Picthora app enables people to record and share short videos of, say, a street concert they stumbled upon or a new café they discovered on their way home. Different occasions and different places with lots of excitement on the map of your application. So, just choose where to start and enjoy.

Support your community and share the moment with people.

Remember: happiness is only real when it is shared.


iOS App

You were sick and missed the class. And the one who has the best class notes is not your friend. What would you do? 

Binotumvar gives you the opportunity of buying any class notes online. And if you are the one who takes the best notes, you can sell them on the platform and make some money just by listening the class really well. It seems like a win-win scenario for everyone.

Give people some mediums, through which they benefit and be beneficial for other.

Harcanan Zaman

iOS App

Watch the time passes as the pendulum swings.

Take control of the only commodity you cannot make it more by doing anything. Catch the distractions and eliminate them in order to make the most out of your time. List where you are losing the most time and create new approaches.

Efficient ways of living are the practices enables regular people to become the one of the greatest.


iOS App

Finding the one… Such a dream, isn’t it? But how?

Platonyx helps people to find the one not just matching them based on the algorithm. Instead it matches your interests and brings them together in organizations such as concerts, art galleries and many more. This offline approach is far more secure and effective for matching with your one. 

Help people to solve their biggest problems and give them a new company to enjoy the life together.

Keiretsu Forum


Start-ups are the new economy and they are constantly improving our lifes.

Keiretsu Forum is a website developed to facilitate the investment process to start-ups. A considerable amount of investors and entrepreneurs come together and build a better future for every people around the world.

Give people some mediums, through which they benefit and be beneficial for other.

Nexus Ventures


As ideas supported with encouragement and capital, the technology flourishes.

Nexus Ventures is one of the biggest investment networks of Turkey. Cool Digital Solutions reached the honor of developing its website and its investment infrastructure, touching thousands of people every day.

Invest into the dreams, make the impossible possible.

İstanbul Startup Angels


Ideas are the thing that lit the light and illuminate our future.

İstanbul Startup Angels is a specially designed online investment platform for different levels of investments, starting with seed investments. Being a part of different stages of startups from all over the world is a proud achievement for us, since once we were just one of them.

Do not hide your ideas, share them with people, form your team and start igniting the light.


E-Commerce Website

Nature gives everything we need. Benefit from them and level up your health and life quality.

Kumbhaka is a brand that produces its own kombucha and sell them online. Cool Digital Solutions created its brand identity with a modern and creative perspective and developed its website to help them receive online orders and increase their revenue. 

A different product, a different mindset. The rest will keep happening authentically.

Do you have a project in mind? Let’s build this thing together!