PHP and Node.js are two technologies that are important for websites. PHP is generally used for server-side coding, while Node.js is used for the development of applications. So when should you choose which technology? Now let’s come to the answer to this.


Since PHP is an older technology, it has been involved in more projects and is more developed. While PHP’s shortcomings are seen in the projects to be updated, Node.js contains features that will complement these shortcomings. Node.js has built a large user base in current projects and has started to appeal to a lot of audiences.


Besides the differences, these two technologies also have similarities. For example, both technologies focus on the background of websites and apps. They are also both open source and built by key support communities.


Although anyone who has used PHP before has preferred to use PHP in other projects, Node.js has become a favorite technology among developers who solve problems with its advanced library and easy frameworks. When we choose one technology over another, there will be more than one factor such as our time to market the project, the amount of resources we use, the performance of our product, and our budget.

Comparison: Node.js vs PHP

PHP; It is the most trusted scripting language used for server-side coding of websites and apps such as Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP, which works with a central server and requires simultaneous coding, includes many features suitable for creating websites for e-commerce and content management systems. Node.js, on the other hand, has rapidly become a technology used for web applications. Node.js has been used since websites such as Linkedin, Netflix, Medium must have a large search network and speed. Because Node.js stands out with its simple structure, efficiency and speed.


PHP is a scripting language, while Node.js is a runtime. If we make a detailed comparison here; PHP is the leader in terms of website number, market share, geography, stack overflow questions, popularity in website categories.


The fact that PHP is 14 years older explains its leading position. The problems experienced in current releases and the inability to get enough space in new projects also show that he cannot adapt to technology. For this reason, its preference is on the decline. A recent Stack Overflow survey also shows us that 58.4% are afraid of using PHP and Node.js is the most preferred technology in the framework, library and tools category with a 50% share. Therefore, although PHP has been used for a long time, it is now clear that developers prefer Node.js.


Instead of thinking about PHP or Node.js, it would be more appropriate for you to determine the needs of your project well and then choose a technology according to it. In addition to technology, make a healthy decision on the experts you will work with for your project. 


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