Cool Digital Solutions’ extensive experience has enabled us to gauge the changes in the digital landscape. With an increasing number of agencies using the most up-to-date technology, the design and development space has become cut-throat. Our secret? Focusing all our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new

Artificial intelligence, for one, provides unmatched data processing capabilities that many industries are after. Our job has been to understand the goals of our clients, and to redesign and adapt available tech accordingly. We’re proud to say that in this regard, we have been more than successful and that authorities in the B2B space have taken notice!

This year, we have officially joined the world’s leading agencies as a recipient of the Clutch Leader Award!

We thank Clutch for selecting us for this precious award. We’ve only ever done our best, and our enthusiasm, teamwork, and expertise have taken us to the top list. This award is more than just a title; It’s a benchmark of our hard work. We learn as we provide, and we promise to keep pushing each other to do so.

— Ercan Gümüş, Managing Partner at Cool Digital Solutions

Clutch is a widely-referenced B2B ratings platform where businesses or individuals can leave feedback on firms they’ve engaged with.

Verified and organized reviews allow service providers, like ourselves, to attract potential customers in an otherwise saturated market. 


The Clutch Leader Award, on the other hand, is a yearly recognition granted to firms who have exhibited exemplary customer treatment and high-level industry skill.

Take a look at some of the reviews which have factored into our evaluation:

We are deeply grateful to our clients who have taken the time to leave honest and insightful feedback. Now, more than ever, we’re driven to uphold this standard of excellence!

If you have ideas for a new project, our doors are open! Drop us a line to know how we can help you!