Although Metaverse is not a project that has been implemented today, it is a technology vision that is being worked on, and devices such as virtual reality glasses, which are wearable technology devices, are seen as the future of the internet that will fully transition to Web 3.0.

When looking up the scope of metaverse, it is seen that metaverse covers almost every sector from entertainment to work. In fact, we have all partially witnessed and are witnessing some sections of the metaverse, which seems like a complex and difficult subject to perceive. Especially games such as Fortnite and Roblox, known as “role-playing games” where individuals can create their own avatars and interact with other online players, actually contain some metaverse elements. The giants of the game industry aim to develop metaverse elements with large investments in this field.

In addition, another sector that has received rapid investment recently, especially with the effect of the pandemic, and which includes metaverse elements, is the retail sector.

For example, Tesco’s virtual reality market, which creates a real shopping feeling by creating the feeling of walking around the space, and the possibility of trying the cosmetic products of the Loreal Paris brand on the human face with virtual reality technology include metaverse elements.

It is thought that NFTs, which have become a very important digital asset in recent years and have emerged in every sector such as art, sports, and entertainment, will gain even more importance with the metaverse.

In particular, some technology thinkers say that payments can be made or profits can be made with metaverse-sized NFTs.


What Expect Us In The Future?

If the metaverse will be real, lives of the people will be affected in every aspect. It is expected that individuals can feel as if they are sitting next to their friends in meetings or presentations in an environment where their colleagues are present, or they can make a presentation in an office with their colleagues.

From a commercial point of view, the metaverse is expected to reveal different shopping experiences. It is expected that individuals can visit the stores integrated into the metaverse and be able to buy and wear the clothes they like in this universal dimension.

What metaverse will bring will not be limited to this. In the metaverse, it is expected that people can play games, eat, go to the movies together, in short, socialize as they wish in every field. In addition, it is expected that virtual product and advertising placements will have an important place in this universe and the advertising industry will also be affected.

Despite all these predictions, the positive or negative things that the metaverse will bring to our lives are still unclear, and the only thing that is known is that the world does not have sufficient technological infrastructure and the development of the metaverse will take years.